Ring being remade and remodelled

How much does it cost to remake or remodel a ring?

Ring remodelling is growing in popularity, and it is a service Harper Tait are delighted to offer. Here we’ll look at what is involved in re-creating or re-making a ring, and how this influences the cost.

Ring being redesigned and remodelled

“A diamond may be forever, but tastes do change over time”

What is ring remodelling? / Ring remodelling

Remodelling a ring involves using the existing diamonds, gemstones, or precious metals to create a brand-new piece.

A ring remake can be anything from an exact replica to a brand-new design. It might be as simple as resetting a ring - taking existing stones and putting them into a new setting - or a full redesign process.

A remodel is a popular option for a wide range of reasons, from using sentimental stones to keeping costs down.

Can I rework an heirloom piece of jewellery? / Reworking heirloom jewellery

The chance to keep family history alive with an heirloom wedding or engagement jewellery is incredibly special. But not all antique or vintage jewellery is suitable for modern-day wear.

Sometimes, a piece is too old or damaged to be securely worn. When it is no longer possible to repair an old ring, you may choose to remake the piece instead. A replica ring copies the same design, but is crafted into a new piece in which the original stones can be set.

In other cases, a beloved old piece may not be wearable due to the style. Modernising old jewellery is a popular reason for remaking, as it allows outdated styles to be enjoyed again. An heirloom redesign utilises the original stones, but set in a fresh design that better reflects your modern lifestyle and taste. 

I no longer like the design on my ring - can I get it remade? / Re-designing an existing ring

A diamond may be forever, but tastes do change over time. Updating an old ring is a popular way to keep the sentiment but enjoy a design more suited to your current style. 

A ring redesign follows the same process as a Bespoke piece , but the new ring is designed around the original materials.

If you’re remodelling your engagement ring because you want an upgrade, you can choose to use a new diamond in a larger size or higher quality. Alternatively, a remodel might be the opportunity to add new diamonds to your existing stones, such as creating a ring with a halo or stone-set shank.

My ring is too large or too small - do I need to resize or remodel it? / Ring resizing and ring remaking

Ring being remade

Most rings can be re-sized, which is actually a service we offer on all suitable Harper Tait engagement and wedding rings.

However, resizing an antique ring is not always possible, as the materials may be too fragile or the difference in finger size too great. Sometimes this applies to modern rings too, especially those with multiple smaller stones on the shank.

When a simple resize isn’t possible, a ring remake is an ideal option. Your existing stones can be reset in a new band of the perfect size.

So, how much does it cost to remake a ring?

Just as there are many reasons you might wish to remodel your ring, there are numerous factors that influence the overall cost. Here is what to consider -

  • Using existing materials reduces the overall price

Remodelling an existing ring can be a brilliant way of lowering costs, as the materials in your existing jewellery can be used in the new piece.

As long as they are not damaged, the diamonds or gemstones in your existing ring can be reset into your new piece, either in the same or a new design. 

If your ring is made from a precious metal such as gold or platinum, the weight of this metal can also be used against the new piece.

You don’t even need to use the same type of jewellery in a remake. It’s perfectly possible to use the materials from a bracelet, brooch, earrings, or necklace for a ring. Some people even combine multiple pieces into a new design.

  • Sometimes, old gemstones may need to be replaced or recut

Your old jewellery will be carefully unset in order to use the stones in your new design. However, chips or cracks may occasionally be discovered during the resetting process, particuarly with very old pieces.

If a gemstone is too damaged to be used in your new design, you have options. You may choose to omit that stone in your design, replace it with a new equivalent, or potentially have the stone re-cut to remove damage.

Replacing and recutting stones does add additional cost. Sometimes, finding an exact likeness for an antique stone can be difficult. The solution you choose depends on your budget and design. At Harper Tait, we’ll guide you through decisions like this.

  • The complexity of design and craft affects the price

Part of the cost of any ring is the time it takes to be crafted. Although some or all of the material costs may be covered, the costs for the making and manufacture still apply.

The more complicated a ring is to make, the higher the costs are. If you choose a completely unique design, a new model will be created, which is more expensive than using an existing design.

A ring remake usually starts from £750, but you will always get an exact quote to sign off before remodelling begins.

  • At Harper Tait, we can help keeps costs down

Not all jewellers are able to accept old diamonds and metal against the cost of a remodel. Thanks to our Hatton Garden network of industry contacts, it is something we at Harper Tait can offer.

Any precious metal - gold or platinum - can be used against the cost of your ring remodel. We’re happy to accept existing metal against not only the materials used in your new piece, but the total cost of the remodel too. So, if you have multiple pieces, or one particularly heavy piece, to use in your remake, you may find the overall cost is brought down significantly.

We’re also happy to offer diamond upgrades, trading in your existing diamond (with a minimum size of 0.30ct) against the cost of a larger one.

How do I begin my remodel?

If you’re interested in beginning a remodel project, you can reach out on info@harpertait.com, or head here to schedule a no-obligation consultation;