Ethical Sourcing

Sustainable and
Ethical Fine Jewellery

Just as engagement and wedding rings look to the future, so we consider our impact on the world. Our jewellery is made with as much love as it celebrates, and we believe that should extend along our whole supply chain.

No industry is perfect, but we’re proud to be in a trade committed to working towards innovation and improvement in sustainability. We want to be part of positive change in our world, and consider it our responsibility to be informed and open to this continual journey. We embrace new practices and ethical choices, such as introducing lab-created diamonds.

We promise your engagement and wedding rings will be created as sustainability and ethically as possible. Here’s how we work to do that.

Choice & Traceability - Our Diamonds

Natural mined diamonds

At the turn of the millennium, the natural diamond industry came under scrutiny for its impact on the environment and people. Up until then, the mining and processing of diamonds had been largely unregulated. Consumers had little way of knowing where and how their stones had been recovered from the earth.

These days, we understand how important it is to know the origins of our diamonds. Introduced by the UN in 2003, the Kimberley Process is designed to protect against the export of conflict diamonds, sometimes known as blood diamonds. The sale of conflict diamonds directly funds conflicts such as wars, insurgency, or invasion. 

The Kimberley Process is voluntary, so we work only with suppliers who observe this guidance. All of our natural diamonds are guaranteed to be Kimberley Process compliant.

The Kimberley Process was a huge step forward in protecting the humans behind the industry. But in an ever-changing world, we believe there is always more we can do. We choose suppliers who share our commitment to supply-chain transparency. We promise not only Kimberley Process compliance but a wider awareness of world events. For instance, since the war in Ukraine we no longer offer diamonds from Russia.

We appreciate that diamond extraction and production provides jobs and local investment for mining communities. We will continue to support positive natural diamond supply, while also providing an alternative in lab-created diamonds.

Lab created diamonds

In the last few years, an alternative to mined diamonds has emerged. Lab diamonds are real diamonds, created ‘above ground’ in laboratory conditions.

This incredible breakthrough means it is possible to offer real diamonds, with all their beautiful properties, to those who want an alternative to mined diamonds. We believe in offering you the choice, so any of our pieces can be crafted with either natural or created diamonds.

Discover more about lab-created diamonds here

Refined & Recycled - Our Metal

Recycled Gold & Platinum

Extracting precious metals has an impact on the environment, but there is enough existing material in the world that we no longer have to mine new. We’re proud to say all our 18ct gold and platinum alloys are recycled as standard - beautiful materials with no impact on the world.

Precious metals can come from a wide variety of sources, such as jewellery, electrical, and automotive industries. The metal is refined back to its original purity before being alloyed into new material for your jewellery.

Refining precious metals changes nothing about their physical properties. Precious metals could be recycled infinitely.

Fair Trade Gold

We acknowledge the positive impact natural resources like gold bring to their local communities. Millions of people across the globe rely on small-scale precious metal mining for their living.

For this reason, we also support fair trade production, where new metal is mined in line with human and environmental ethics. 

Fairtrade certification is only granted to suppliers who can demonstrate ethical working conditions for their workers, including safe conditions, workers’ rights and fair pay. The premium paid by the consumer allows Fairtrade mines to reinvest in communities and guarantee a minimum wage for their workers. 

Any of our lines can be made in fair trade gold on request. Simply contact us and we’d be delighted to help.

Community & Transparency - Our Craft

Harper Tait is based in Hatton Garden, the heart of the UK’s jewellery industry. Our suppliers and craftspeople are based in the UK, and most are within Hatton Garden itself.

Manufacturing our pieces in the UK supports our local industry and ensures our carbon footprint is as low as possible. With so much talent here in our home country, we’re proud to say we keep all our production local. We’ve even ensured our micro pavé pieces, classically made overseas, are UK made.

We keep a small and trusted circle of suppliers and partners. With each one we maintain a close relationship, and know firsthand they share the same values we do.

It means we can vouch for the transparency and reputation of everyone who helps bring your jewellery into being. We’re proud to know where and how every detail of your jewellery is made - from the very first casting to the beautifully finished claws.

To The Future - Our Promise

Ethics and sustainability are ongoing concerns for us all. We consider our ethical promises a continual process of research and improvement.

Harper Tait are committed to introducing new initiatives wherever possible - and when we do, we’ll bring you along for the journey. We will always promise transparency when it comes to the provenance and manufacturing of our pieces.