Men's Wedding Rings

Men's Wedding Rings


Your wedding ring may be the most significant item of jewellery you own, so we make it effortless to choose the perfect ring to reflect your love, life, and taste.

Our collection of wedding rings for men includes traditional wedding bands and modern options, from a classic plain ring to our signature finishes. Always designed with comfort and wearability in mind, our mens wedding rings are crafted and finished to the highest standards.

Whatever you're looking for you’ll find the ring of your dreams. Shop our luxury rings below.

13 products

13 products

Men’s wedding rings from Harper Tait

Wedding rings symbolise commitment, eternal love and the never-ending bond of marriage, which can make choosing the perfect wedding ring difficult. We have a range of metals, including platinum, 18kt white gold, 18kt yellow gold, and 18kt rose gold to suit every taste.

When choosing to purchase a men’s wedding ring from Harper Tait, we promise that it will be created as sustainably and ethically as possible. We consider it an honour and a privilege to have the opportunity to create beautiful jewellery for one of the most special occasions of your life.

With the Harper Tait promise, you can be certain that we will always go that little bit further to ensure our jewellery stands out from the rest with classic and contemporary designs.

At Harper Tait, we have years of experience carefully selecting and handcrafting beautiful rings for men and women. Take a look at our womens wedding rings

The Harper Tait Experience

At our London headquarters you’ll enjoy the full Harper Tait experience. We welcome you into our showroom by appointment only, this is to ensure we can devote ample time to get to know you.

Dedicating a full two hours for our consultation allows us to understand your personal  story and your jewellery dreams. We’ll show you our engagement and wedding ring jewellery collection, make suggestions, and work with you to find or create the perfect piece of jewellery. 

For us, this process is about building a relationship. We take genuine joy in our  conversation and there is never any obligation or pressure to buy. Arranging a consultation is easy; you’ll find our booking form here.

Wedding and engagement ring sets from Harper Tait

If you're looking for a wedding ring to complement your engagement ring, book an appointment with one of our diamond and jewellery experts. We will walk you through our bespoke design process, guide you on our collection of products or help you explore your ideas to create the perfect piece.

Men’s wedding rings frequently asked questions

How much does a man's wedding ring cost?

The cost of a man’s wedding ring will greatly depend on the type, quality and material you choose.

The usual price of wedding rings for men is between £300 - £3,000. At Harper Tait, we will help you find a stunning ring in your budget that will shine above the rest.

What is the average size of a man’s wedding ring?

The average man's ring size is T. However, picking the right size is essential to ensure the ring fits comfortably and securely.

If you're looking to buy for your partner use one of their existing rings to determine the size. Alternatively, if you are purchasing one for yourself, you can refer to our ring sizing guide.

What diamond clarity is best?

At Harper Tait, all our wedding rings are set with beautiful diamonds hand-selected by our expert gemologists. We source diamonds in the colourless range D to F, with a clarity grade between VS1 and VS2 for the perfect balance of beauty and value.  

In our wedding rings we only use D/E/F colour and VS clarity in even the smallest of stones in our wedding rings. Clarity in a main diamond changes with each stone shape, for more information please take a look at our diamond buying guides.

Does the groom pick his own wedding ring?

As wedding rings are bought to be worn for the rest of a person's married life, we recommend having the bride and groom choose their own wedding rings. Not only is it a lovely experience to have together, but it also ensures that the ring chosen is the perfect style for each partner's personal preference.

If you are looking to purchase an eternity ring, an engagement ring or a wedding ring, one of our jewellery experts can help.

Get in touch

If you require help in finding a ring for you or your partner, please feel free to shop our range online, visit our UK store or contact one of our friendly experts.

At Harper Tait, we want your experience to be one you look back on with happiness and fond memories, so whatever we can do to help to make ring shopping extra special - just let us know.