Diamond Shapes
& Cut Styles

A Comprehensive Diamond Guide

What is a Diamond Shape?

When first mined, or created, a diamond crystal has an organic, rough form. To become the finished gemstone, the rough material is cut or polished into a specific shape with multiple sparkling facets. The classic diamond is a round brilliant cut, but diamonds also come in many other shapes. These diamonds are known as “fancy shapes”, and include popular shapes like oval, emerald, and princess. Also known as a diamond cut, each shape has its own unique properties and charm. Learn more about the magic of our diamond shapes, and discover which one is the cut for you.

Round Diamond

A timeless classic, round diamonds are the quintessential choice for engagement rings and love-forever jewellery. Discover why a round brilliant cut diamond offers matchless sparkle…

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Princess Diamond

Enduringly popular, the square shape and brilliant facets of a princess diamond create a sophisticated and modern look. Learn more about this striking and contemporary cut.

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Oval Diamond

An oval cut diamond balances the brilliance of a round diamond with understated elegance. Find out more about this alluring shape.

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Emerald Diamond

Beautiful set in a solitaire or halo, emerald cut diamonds are synonymous with luxury. Discover how this cut allows our superlative diamond quality to shine.

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Asscher Diamond

With art deco elegance and unique step-cut facets, the asscher is a truly distinctive cut. Explore the history and appeal of the asscher cut.

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Cushion Diamond

An irresistible choice for lovers of vintage, the soft edges and unique sparkle of a cushion cut make for a truly special look. Explore how modernity meets tradition in a cushion cut diamond.

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Pear Diamond

The pear cut is a high jewellery signature, the perfect choice for those who love classic glamour. Discover what makes a pear shaped diamond so special.

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Heart Diamond

For irrepressible romantics, there’s no stone more perfect than the heart cut diamond. Fall for the charms of a heart shaped diamond.

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Marquise Diamond

Marquise cut diamonds delight with their elongated shape and brilliant facets. Learn more about the graceful marquise cut.

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Radiant Diamond

Blending the geometry of an emerald with the facets of a brilliant cut, a radiant diamond is an under-the-radar choice bound to attract attention. Start a conversation with the glittering radiant

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