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What is the most common engagement ring size?

Finding the right finger size is a vital part of your engagement ring buying experience. A perfectly sized ring will fit comfortably and securely on your finger.

The average engagement ring size in the UK is an L for women, while men’s engagement or wedding rings average a size T.

However, knowing the average ring size may not always help you find yours - and here’s why…

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“With so many variables affecting finger size, measuring to find your own is always better than following the average finger size“

What affects ring size

Ring size depends on a number of factors. Body type can be a good indicator of ring size, as there is a correlation between dress size and finger size. Men’s average finger sizes are larger than women's.

However, this isn’t true for everyone. It’s perfectly possible to have a finger size smaller or larger than standard, even if you are of an average build. Your finger size is a very individual measurement. This is one of the reasons average finger size should only be taken as a guide - yours may not be the same.

Ring size can also change over the course of our lives. As we age, our finger size tends to increase. Becoming pregnant, fluctuating weight, and changes such as arthritis can impact your ring size.

Even climate can affect the size of your fingers. In a warm environment, your digits can swell, while cold can make them shrink. This is why it's a good idea to remove your rings before swimming in cold water, to ensure they don’t slip off if your fingers shrink significantly.

How do I find my finger size? / How to find finger size

With so many variables affecting finger size, measuring to find your own is always better than following the average finger size. There are a few ways to find your ring size, including;

  • Taking a measurement

Take a narrow strip of paper and wrap it around your finger where you would wear a ring. Mark exactly where the end of the paper overlaps, and measure the resulting length in mm. Compare this measurement with a ring-size chart below to find your size;

Ring size chart

  • Measuring using a ring sizer

The most accurate results will be found with a metal ring sizer, as you will physically try on gauged rings of different sizes to find the right fit. We offer our ring sizing service free of charge - simply arrange a time to come in-store here.

If you can’t make it into the showroom, we can post a plastic ring sizer out to you. Email info@harpertait.com.

  • Using a ring you already own

If you have a ring that already fits the correct finger, we can use it to tell your, or your beloved’s, ring size. Simply bring the ring into store, and we will use a ring measuring stick to gauge its size.

You can also lay the ring on a ruler and measure the internal diameter, to cross-reference with the sizing table above.

  • Using our downloadable ring strap sizer

You can download our free ring strap sizer here. Simply print out the chart at 100% size and follow the instructions.

How will I know if I have the right finger size? / How to tell if you have the right finger size

On the finger, a perfectly sized ring will feel snug and comfortable. If it leaves a mark or indent, or if your finger bulges around the ring, it is too tight. A ring should have a little room between the metal and your finger, but shouldn’t spin around freely.

Check how easy the ring is to remove. For a secure fit, you should need to tug the ring over your knuckle - if it slips off easily, it is too large. However, a ring shouldn’t hurt or need lubricating to take off. 

The style of your ring can sometimes influence the fit. If you’re choosing a very wide band, such as a chunky wedding or lifestyle ring, you may find it more comfortable to go up in size.

But don’t worry! Almost all our wedding and engagement rings can be resized. If you find the size is slightly out, or your finger size changes, we can adjust the fit free of charge.

I don’t know my partner’s size, but want to make a surprise proposal

When you have no idea about your partner’s ring size, it's still possible to enjoy a surprise proposal. Creative solutions include ‘popping the question’ with a solitaire diamond and allowing your partner to choose or design the ring after your proposal.

If you have their size reasonably estimated, it may be possible to choose a ring that can be resized exactly after the engagement. At Harper Tait, we offer free ring resizing for life, so we can adjust your ring to the perfect size.

Some rings can’t be easily resized, such as those with numerous small diamonds on the shoulders. Even resizable rings so have a limit as to how many sizes up or down they can go. If you are buying a ring without being sure of the finger size, let us know. We can advise if the style you choose is resizable.


Knowing common engagement ring sizes can be a guide as to what your own finger size might be. With so many variables affecting ring size, however, the average ring size may not match your own. Getting a personal measurement is the safest way to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

If you need guidance on sizing or choosing an engagement ring, we’re here to help. Reach out to us at info@harpertait.com and we’ll be delighted to advise.

What can I do if my ring is too loose or too tight?

Most rings can be resized, depending on style. If you have a Harper Tait engagement or wedding ring, the resizing is on us. Email info@harpertait.com and we’ll be happy to arrange.

I have a much smaller or larger ring size than average - can you help?

Absolutely. We offer our rings as standard in sizes G to Z+2 ½, so you can be sure to find the perfect size. If you need a ring outside this range, we’d be delighted to create a custom design.

What is the average ring size for women?

For wedding and engagement rings, the average women's ring size is an L. However, we produce ladies' rings in a full range of sizes - from G to Z+2 ½ as standard.

What is the average ring size for men?

For wedding and engagement rings, the average men’s finger size is T. However, we offer our men’s rings in a full range of sizes, from G to Z+2 ½.

I have large knuckles - what does this mean for my ring size?

This is very common! A well-fitting ring will always need a little push to get over the knuckles, but you may find you need a larger ring size in order to get your ring on and off comfortably. If this means your ring spins a little when it’s being worn, we have the solution. We can solder two small bumps, or balls, to the inside of your ring. Known as ‘speed bumps’, they aren’t visible when wearing but help keep the ring stable when it's on the smaller part of your finger.

How much does it cost to resize a ring?

If you have bought a Harper Tait wedding or engagement ring, you’re covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. As long as we can resize the ring in question, resizing is free of charge for life.