Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds


What is a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond?

Iconic round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular of all shapes. Circular in shape, the beautiful symmetry and incredible sparkle of a round diamond is irresistible. “Brilliant cut” is a term for a cutting style designed for maximum sparkle and brilliance. The round brilliant cut - sometimes written as RBC - is the classic shape in this style. The first round diamond was cut back in the 17th century, and the modern round brilliant cut has been perfected over the centuries. Technological advances have allowed lapidarists (diamond cutters) to design the perfect balance of facets to maximise the refraction of light within the stone.

How Many Facets does a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond have?

What Makes a Round Brilliant Cut Special?

There’s no sparkle like that of a round brilliant cut diamond. Perfected over decades, the modern round diamond cut wows with fire and brilliance. This versatile cut looks wonderful in almost any engagement ring style, from a minimalist solitaire to a lavish diamond-set halo. The popularity of this beloved cut means you have plenty of choice in design. Choose a sleek modern engagement ring, a vintage-inspired style, or a meaningful multi-stone.

How do you Know if a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond is Well Cut?

Diamond graders have three main considerations when grading cut. The visual impact; how does the fire, brightness, and scintillation appear? The design; how well proportioned is the diamond?, and The craftsmanship; how skillfully has the diamond been cut and polished? There are numerous, specific proportions that indicate a well-cut round diamond. The overall cut grade is based on the balance of them all. Here are some of the key ratios to be aware of.

Table: The table is the largest, central facet of a stone. The table needs to be large enough to let lots of light into the diamond, but not so large that the upper facets don’t have room to sparkle. Look for a round brilliant cut diamond with table ratio between 52 - 60%. 

Depth: A diamond’s depth is the top-to-bottom measurement of a diamond, from its table to culet. The depth ratio compares this measurement with the overall width of the stone. The depth affects the visual balance of a diamond and its brilliance. If a stone is too shallow or deep the light will not refract properly, escaping through the base of the diamond instead of the top. A deep or shallow diamond will therefore not be  Look for a round brilliant cut diamond with a depth ratio between 59% – 62.5%

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Choosing a Round Diamond Colour

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Choosing the Clarity of a Round Diamond

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Is a Round Brilliant Cut the Diamond for You?

A round brilliant cut diamond is perfect for almost everyone, looking just as striking in a sleek, minimalist solitaire as a decadent, diamond-detail engagement ring. Round brilliant cut diamonds are also the classic choice for solitaire earrings and pendants, effortlessly stylish for every day and forever. And if you want sparkle above all else, a round brilliant cut diamond may be your ideal stone. Explore the collection here